We offer a range of services anchored around 3 key service domains - Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Business Transformation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility is a process that facilitates an organisation to connect with its social stakeholders. It is a wonderful mechanism for an organisation to deepen its involvement with the community around it and develop a meaningful partnership with the civil society.

We focus on organisations that are keen to develop a systemic approach towards their Corporate Social Responsibility obligations.

We work with organisations to develop their CSR policy & strategy, define program plans, partner with suitable Implementation Agencies, define governance frameworks, implement monitoring mechanisms and evaluate on-ground impact.

We assist organisations that are mandated to spend 2% of their Net Profits on CSR activities as defined by Companies Act 2013. We assist organisations in setting up their CSR Committee, define their CSR policy, design the implementation mechanism and governance process, and oversee program implementation and generate required reports to ensure compliance to Companies Act 2013. 

Some of the key services provided by us include:

  • Compliance to Section 135 of Companies Act 2013
  • Formulation of CSR strategy & policy
  • Due diligence & selection of Implementation Agencies (IA)
  • Preparation of program plans for CSR initiatives
  • Formulation of governance framework and definition of metrics for program implementation
  • Implementation & monitoring of program plans, program reviews and status reporting
  • Evaluation of on-ground impact
    • Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Audit (CSRA)
  • Annual reporting for regulatory purposes


Sustainable Development ensures that needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability anchors on the concept of the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet & Profit to achieve a perfect harmony between Social Progress, Environmental Stewardship and Economic Growth.

We focus on organisations that are interested in following the sustainability processes and ensure that their operations meet the sustainable development benchmarks.

We work with organisations to develop their sustainability policies, design sustainability plans, execute and monitor the sustainability plans, prepare sustainability reports based on global frameworks and manage the report assurance.

We assist manufacturing / exporting organisations to adopt sustainability policies & practices, and generate sustainability reports in their quest to become part of global sourcing chains where global procurers mandate sustainability norms & reporting for their suppliers. We assist organisations to publish their sustainability reports to ensure compliance with regulatory norms and corporate governance standards.

Some of the key services provided by us include:

  • Design of sustainability plans based on ISO 26000
  • Execution, monitoring & reporting of sustainability plan performance
  • Preparation of sustainability reports based on GRI G4 framework
  • Management of sustainability report assurance process with independent assurance agencies
  • 3rd party assurance process for sustainability reports based on AccountAbility’s AA1000 framework

Business Transformation

Business Transformation involves fundamental & strategic changes in the conduct of business in order to ensure that the business keeps pace with the changes in the market environment. It includes long-term strategic vision, short-term tactical approaches, execution excellence and continual calibration & course correction.

We focus on organisations that are keen to develop their transformative approach to fulfil their exponential growth aspirations and achieve business excellence. We provide special focus to SMEs and Emerging Ventures that are interested in building sustainable, scalable and future-ready organisations utilising innovative approaches and transformative practices.

We assist organisations to transform & modernise their internal processes as they scale up their businesses exponentially. We identify the key improvement areas and develop suitable transformation plans while ensuring business continuity.  We manage the end-to-end transformation process hand-holding the organisation through the entire life-cycle commencing with ideation, traversing through architecture, design, execution, stabilisation and ending in periodic reviews & course correction. We also assist technology start-ups and emerging ventures in the areas of ideation & brainstorming, technology architecture & business process fitment, organization design & structure, business process frameworks, solution rollout strategy and customer value propositions.

Some of the key services provided by us include:

  • Assist SMEs, Start-ups and Emerging Ventures to develop a transformational approach to their growth aspirations
  • Assist organisations to evolve into Enterprise 2.0 moving from Score Keepers to Excellence Seekers
  • Definition of strategic vision for the organisation
  • As-Is study, Gap Analysis and definition of To-Be state
  • Identification of Key Improvement Areas and development of transformation plans to address them
  • Assistance in execution of transformation plans
  • Definition of KRAs and KPIs for metric based reviews
  • Periodic reviews, monitoring and course correction advisories